Identify 1.5L original aloe vera drink

Some 1.5L original aloe vera drink products heat-treated after fermentation, which kills most beneficial active cultures found in the nutrient aloe. To help you identify the fermented milk product containing live and active cultures aloe National Association has created a special Live and active cultures printing.

It is a national non-profit trade organization, the purpose of which is the sponsor of the health and medical research for nutrients of 1.5L original aloe vera drink with live and active cultures and serve as a source of information for the trade and the public.

These days, it seems that the world and his mother seems to count calories each, original drink aloe for their mouths and stomachs. This means that you will find people checking out the calories of any food product is added to the shopping basket and the basket, and you will find the number of calories listed on the 1.5L original aloe vera drink menu at restaurants and take-away.